Online catalog

Reserving the library materials through the online catalog is easy.

Go to the District Web Page and click on Departments. Once you are there click on the Curriculum Support Center then click the CSC Online Catalog.  From there you log on in the top upper left. Your user name is your employee number and password is your last name. From here you can start searching for materials. You can search for items many different ways. You can search by subject, title, key words etc. You can also search by medium. For example, you would search for the art kits by putting  the word kit in for medium (art kits will all have the call number 750) for art prints, you would put in(ap), DVD and CD for the listening CDs.

The easiest way to search for booksets is to put in fiction. I have tried to make sure all the records have the key word fiction in them so they would be easier to find. Some of the booksets listed under fiction aren’t really fiction but just easier to find that way. Once you have some items up on your screen, you might have to click “find more” in the upper right hand top of the screen next to the printer icon to be able to see all the items you have searched for.  Once you see an item you want, click on “place reservation” then click ok in the bottom right hand corner. You will only be able to reserve on your school’s shipping day. You will have to click on each week that you want the item. Booksets are a 4 week checkout and things like art kits and DVDS are 2 weeks. Most of the time you can renew your items if no one else has them reserved.

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