CSC Important Information Fall 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

There have been a couple of big changes impacting the Curriculum Support Center.  The CSC collection was housed at SoPrep for the last few years. Since that school was closed last spring, the CSC materials have been moved to the district warehouse. The collection has not been fully unpacked as of this writing. The hope is that items will be in place and fully ready for circulation by September 9.

Another change affecting the CSC is the Alexandria Library Software update that occurred during the summer. The online catalog has a new, updated look. Videos on how to use the updated catalog will be posted soon.

Thank you for your patience. If you have need of a CSC resource before Sept. 9, please contact Karla Barkman ~ OR Ext. 2379. Every attempt will be made to make sure you have the materials you need for the start of the school year.

Thank you!


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