Reserving Items from the CSC Online Catalog (Alexandria)

If you are reserving items from the CSC Alexandria online catalog, please watch the video linked on the right-hand side of this page. It explains how to log in to your account and how to make a reservation once you have found an item you want to reserve.

The hardest part is getting the correct date range. When the reservation calendar is open, click the date you want your reservation to begin. Click on each Friday until you reach your desired end date.  The word “New” should appear on the start date, end date, and all dates in between if your reservation has been made correctly.

Fridays are the only options for start/end dates due to the fact that the CSC is housed at Soldotna Prep School. Friday is the day the district truck comes to SoPrep, thus anything leaving or returning to the CSC will happen on a Friday. Please plan accordingly when reserving items. Thank You!

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